Professional dog grooming services for the Waterford – Clarkston area

Here at Tiny Bubbles Pet Grooming, we know how fussy our four legged friends can be. This is why we cater not just to small, manageable dogs, but large dogs, too. We are skilled in all types of pet grooming, from dog grooming to cat grooming. If you have a pet that particularly dislikes getting bathed or having his toenails clipped, you might have simply given up. Your animals, just like you, have their preferences and fears. We work with those preferences and fears to keep your pet comfortable and get them clean!

As your premier dog groomers in Waterford, we have the training and patience to handle even the fussiest, most nervous pet grooming situation. Whether your pet has never been groomed before or they love to be groomed, we’ll make the experience as pleasant as possible. Additionally, we use only the most natural products and offer you a guarantee on all of our services. If dog grooming has ever been a trial for you before, it does not have to be one anymore. We endeavor to build a relationship not just with you as the owner, but with your pet, so they feel comfortable being groomed.

There may be other dog groomers in Waterford, but only we have more than forty years of pet grooming experience and are dedicated to making this experience as great as it can possibly be. We will cater to both you and your pet, adjusting our methods to both of your likes and dislikes. As professional dog groomers in Waterford, we offer a wide variety of services, to a wide variety of pets. If you’ve been putting off having your pet groomed or it’s simply time for their routine grooming, contact us today!


Dog Grooming And Cat Grooming By Tiny Bubbles